Pete Fox

Peter Rank Schrøder was born and raised in a small village, Brønderslev in the northern part of Denmark. With a father playing drums, and his mother a brilliant pianist, the path was chosen early at age for Peter.
In the fourth grade, at a school party, he watched a DJ playing for the first time. That was a true revelation. Two ghetto blasters and a bunch of cassettes for first practice and then at the age of 13 he got his first mixer. From that day, the first target was set: To play at his classmates birthdays, then his own school parties, then other schools parties.

Peter invented Crapman in his early teenage years, and it was his artist name all up until January 1st 2011. Through more than a decade, Crapmans resumé was filled with lots of achievements stacked on top of each other. He started off 17 years old at the local club in Brønderslev, on to the legendary Jomfru Ane Gade and from that to clubs all over Denmark, where Crapman played at bigger and bigger parties for each time he pressed play on the turntables.
Crapman became the country’s most popular mainstream DJ, and the rest of the World started bringing him in for gigs - so many that he can’t even tell how many times he left Denmark. He played all over the world, from Ibiza to China. From beachparties in Germany to clubs on top of Las Vegas skyscrapers. Among the great experiences was the years when Tiësto asked for him as support on club gigs in Spain. Or the remixes he made, that went directly to number 1 on the Danish Dancechart - eg. Alphabeat’s “The Spell”.
In 2004, Crapman started the band Aycan with fellow producer Darwich and Mette Veronica as the vocalist. They released 8 singles together and had a massive success, which earned them a gold record in Germany. They played concerts for over 30.000 people, and in those years, Aycan and Crapman were on the lineups with Cascada and Scooter among others.

New Years Day 2011, Peter turned around his entire career. He put Crapman 6 feet under. He wanted to reinvent his artistic self. At the age of 26 he felt that he had grown from the hardcore dance scene and the direction was set for pop music!
It was a big decision and 2011 became a tough year. With the end of Crapman, more than 10 years of hard work and success disappeared, and Peter had to develop Pete Fox from scratch. At the same time his mother became ill, and she died later that same year. He worked hard to get on and many studio sessions later with his good friend Joey Moe brought him back on track, and finally, in 2012 Pete Fox will release his first single.
His first single “Stjernetegn (Feat. Joey Moe & Jeanette Zeniia)” will be released March 12th, and the next goal is already set: To see it reach number 1 on the charts.
It’s not to tell what happens next. The Dane is still moving one step at the time, with both feet solid on the ground. That’s where his mother told him they should be.

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